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The Wild-Card Theory

We are all too familiar with seeing our friends and/or family members and/or ourselves becoming ill or suffering from a certain condition that every statistics you find about it are extremely gloomy, leaving everyone in a deep despair with no real hope to elevate yours or your loved ones’ spirits. Could there be a way to make things different? Could there be a way to bypass these dreadful statistics?

What if there was something that can be done? What if this something has no way to predict its results? What if this something was just a surreal idea such as The Wild-Card Theory?

Picture by Amit Shlagman

According to Merrian-Webster dictionary, the definition of a wild card is an unknown or unpredictable factor. Britannica explains it as a person or a thing that could affect a situation in a way that cannot be foreseen. offers that it is a card having its value decided by the wishes of the players.

Let’s see where all these definitions can take us:

The Wild-Card Theory is based on my assumption about the population who participates in the statistical studies (This is my own personal view and I do apologize ahead to anyone whom this may cause any discomfort). My assumption is that the majority of this population have lived a certain lifestyle and reached a certain outcome which requires now a medical care. As these people seek medical attention, they try their best to maintain their old lifestyle as much as possible within minimal changes, except of some adjustments to accommodate treatments, interventions and medications before or after work and through weekends or vacations. This way is convenient as it provides the comfort of something familiar and does not require any mental or physical or emotional efforts. Just requires following accepted rules and instructions, which eventually lead to a predicted promised outcome, registered as statistics.

Picture by Amit Shlagman

But what if you want to do one thing that is different from what you have done before? You might find yourself becoming unpredictable as you deviate out of the predicted statistics. You might become a Wild-Card which can turn in any direction. This situation might not be so comfortable, as there are more unknown factors to it than known ones, and the fact, that any situation might not be worse than the gloomy prediction, is not too comforting as there is no way to scientifically prove it. This situation might also not be supported by those around you, as it is not familiar to anyone and might be perceived as unsafe. There are so many opportunities for discouragement, making this deviation pretty unwelcoming.

Also, Wild-Cards cannot be registered in any statistics since there are too many variants to consider. There is no such thing as “one change fits all”. Each person comes from a different background and has their own unique way of thinking. There are not enough similar features to compare, making this another opportunity for discouragement, as you will probably be on your own, without a solid scientific support.

Picture by Amit Shlagman

But what if just for a moment, you allow yourself to imagine. What if just for a moment you allow yourself to imagine choosing to do one thing that you really want to do even though everyone around has convinced you that it is nonsense? What if just for a moment you allow yourself to imagine choosing to eat one different thing that you really like even though everyone around has convinced you that it will be too weird to eat it? What if just for a moment you allow yourself to imagine choosing to express one feeling that resonates with you even though everyone around has convinced you that it is better to suppress your feelings?

What if just for a moment you allow yourself to imagine choosing to spend your time only with the people who have the mental-emotional-physical capacity to walk by your side and unconditionally hold your hand through every decision you make?

What if you take another moment and you allow your imagination to go wild – imagining yourself daring to do two of these things. or three. or more… Would you dare to imagine that???

It might become truly astounding!!!!!!

Picture by Amit Shlagman

Yes, Wild-Cards might be able to create miracles. But these miracles are not granted for free. These miracles are brought to life by a meticulous and persistent work. These miracles are brought to life by taking the time to do something different. These miracles are brought to life by taking the time to understand the reason for doing the things you do, and the way they serve you. These miracles are brought to life by taking the time to learn about different approaches in every area of life. And mainly, these miracles are brought to life by allowing yourself to listen to your own body and tend to its needs.

Some people might wonder if it’s too late to make a change. Every change requires an energy investment. While being physically & emotionally & mentally burdened, it might be more challenging to find the energy to make a change, as opposed to the ease of keeping your old habits. What if this is too late and the change will not really make a difference? Why even bother?
I find it hard to believe that a difference won’t be created. Every minor shift has an effect. While you might be hoping for a grand transformation, the shift might be manifested in one little thing only: the way you perceive or react to events. Shouldn’t that be enough? As you slowly start shifting how you view and approach any event that crosses your way, you may find that bigger changes begin to manifest, such as, your priorities might change, leading to different decisions or actions.

When would it be too late? My personal thinking is that as long as you are the one crying for your own problems, it is not too late to make any changes. However, when others cry for your problems and start calling you “the late” without even knowing what you are late for, then you might probably be too late…

So, if you are still reading my article up to this point, you are definitely not late;)

Picture by Amit Shlagman

But why would you even bother to become a Wild-Card? Truth to be said, if you like what your statistics predict then you should follow the recommended regiment and be happy with it. If you don’t like the prediction – check within yourself how tirelessly and persistently are you willing to work in order to deviate from it. Once you are ready to do everything in your power in order to make a change, you are welcome to follow my thoughts how to get you started. Then, feel free to make any adjustments following your body’s needs (and you can find more elaboration in my article The Art of Healing Yourself).

First and foremost, your nervous system must relax. There is no way to get out of your automatic mode while your body is wired for survival. Once nervous system is relaxed, the allocation of your body’s energy “budget” will be different – there will be time and resources to detect and correct what’s needed. The best way I can offer would be castor oil packs. Of course, there are millions of other ways to do it, but the combination of touch and stillness brings astonishing results (along with many other benefits, for example, softening your diaphragm to allow more room for your lungs to expand, bringing more oxygen into your body).

Once your nervous system is relaxed, it might be the time to observe your nourishment. Nourishment means supplying your cells with the materials they need in order to function in their most efficient way. How can you nourish your body? By eating real food. Food that was not processed or changed by human hand. Food that existed here for thousands of years and is not new. Food that your grandparents will recognize when you take them shopping – ask them which foods they ate as kids and learn from them. These foods probably have been protecting them from what they are eating now. Real food is not about being vegetarian, or vegan, or paleo, or follow a certain diet. It is about eating a product that your cells recognize and can utilize, and not replacing it with something containing harmful ingredients. Some examples (but not limited to) of real food could be Fruits (preferably organic), vegetables (preferably organic), grass-fed / organic meats, Free range chicken /eggs / chicken soup/bone broth/roots soup, avocado, full fat grass-fed dairy / butter….

Now that your nervous system is relaxed and your body is nourished, it is time to nourish your soul by opening your heart and mind to find and follow your deepest desires. Is there anything you wish to learn, or to see, or to be, or to do? Is there anywhere you wish to be? You might find that you are limiting yourself due to material necessities – money, time, physical location. While these are real obstacles on your way to make your wishes come true, they should not stop you from dreaming. Because the only thing that can make your deepest wishes come true is finding the courage to dream or visualize them. And dreaming can take place only when your survival needs are met, meaning you are not in “war zone” anymore. If you’d like, you can read more about it in my article What Does it Take to Follow Our Dreams?

Picture by Amit Shlagman

The Wild-Card Theory is not a quick magic solution to conditions which have been building in your body for many years. It is a process that requires your physical-mental-emotional commitment and is meant to bring awareness to a very basic rule: if you want to achieve different outcomes, you must do something different than what you did before. As simple of a statement this would be, it does require a strong will-power to carry it out. Finding your will-power depends on your intentions only:

Do you want to deviate from the statistics?
Are you willing to invest your time and energies to do something different?
Are you comm
itted to reordering your whole world – emotionally, physically and mentally?

Picture by Amit Shlagman

Becoming a Wild-Card would probably be one of the most challenging actions you would ever take in your life:

  • Dealing with uncertainty in a world that is already shaken.
  • Adjusting to changes that are not always comfortable or comforting.
  • Learning new habits which might not always be welcomed by your surroundings.
  • Accepting emotional expressions as part of your life, as embarrassing as they might be.
  • Supporting yourself by doing what feels right for you regardless to the responses of others.
  • Allowing yourself to dream and to hope while not allowing any perceived imperfections to limit your imagination.
  • Accepting the Feeling of loneliness until you find the courage to surround yourself only with the people who have the emotional-mental-physical capacity to walk by your side.
  • Discovering how the forgotten self-love and kindness-to-self allow you to prioritize what really matters, even when no-one around you can demonstrate it.

And the list goes on and on, completed by those who were and are Wild-Cards.

Is it worth it? It’s only for you to decide! You are the only one who is responsible for your actions and for the consequences of your actions. Every decision you make should be one that you whole heartedly can live by.

At any time, if you need my help, you know where to find me. My sessions and workshops are designed to fit each person’s individual situation, working to encourage minor (almost invisible) changes in one’s life, which have been showing an amazing long-lasting healing effect with many.

The highest forms of love are inevitably totally free choices and not acts of conformity.

M. Scott Peck, MD – The Road Less Traveled
Picture by Amit Shlagman

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