Mom’s Secret Toolbox

This workshop is designed for us, moms – enhancing our toolbox by practical talking and demonstrating care for our kids when they are sick.

Starting with our own self-care and moving through nourishing ourselves and our families (physically, emotionally and mentally), touching simple herbal remedies
and, sure enough, demonstrating a castor oil pack on a brave volunteer.

As caregivers, we – moms, tend to care for everyone except ourselves. Without noticing, we slowly deplete our own resources and, in time, may not be able to give as much as we were used to.

Learning to take the time for self-care and accepting the simple understanding, that caring for ourselves means caring for our families, may be the most important step towards healing our families. 

Along with that, each mom will get a small toolbox with some practical easy recipes, remedies & resources to use anytime for all members of the family.

$30 per participant.

Register here

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