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Many hesitate to ask me for advice fearing that I would force them to make a change. The truth is that if I tell you to do something, you will probably choose to cover your ears and not hear me.

This is why I stopped talking and started teaching: Not teaching how to make a change but teaching how to listen to your body and understand the messages it sends. Now, when your body is telling you to do something, and you can understand what it’s telling you, it would be harder for you to ignore – Now you must listen. 

Should you choose to make a change when you know what your body is telling you? It’s your own call! 

I have nothing to do with it… Except offering you tools which can help you connect with your own body to act for your own health.

Our workshops are designed to be different than usual expectations: They are small and will take place even with one registered participant – if you made the commitment, we will not be the one to break it. And they will probably bring new enlightenment about your own health.

We plan to offer all the workshops throughout the year,
however if you would like to have any of them sooner
(or any other that you may think of),
let us know and we will figure something out:
can be at our location or at yours.

Whole body Care
Self Reflexology Workshop

Whole body Care Self Reflexology Workshop
Whole body Care Self Reflexology Workshop

There is nothing more powerful than the ability of our body to heal itself. While Reflexology is the study of areas in feet, which correlate to organs and tissues in the body, Self-reflexology is an amazing tool to use anywhere/anytime to achieve self-healing.

Following my belief that each one of us can (and should) be active in our own healing process, I have designed a whole-body care workshop focusing on Self Reflexology. In this class, each participant will learn how to perform self-reflexology on his/her own feet, while I go around, assessing specific issues with each individual’s feet.

Inviting you to a journey into your own body, embracing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to naturally achieve a deeper healing.

Sunday 2/26/23 at 2:00 pm 
Limited to 10 participants
$30 per participant

Salve Making Demonstration Featuring Pain Relief and Stress Relief salves

Salve Making Workshop
Salve Making Workshop

Pain and Stress are the most common complaints I hear in my practice and experience in my life….Since I wanted to offer a natural solution before turning to medication, I made a salve for pain relief to apply on painful areas, and a salve for stress relief to apply on the neck and shoulders at times that seem too loaded.
These two are making a difference in many lives!

Would you like to learn how to make these salves To have them handy just in case you need them?

Class will include a demonstration and preparation of the salves. Each participant will take home a 2 oz jar of each salve.

$85 per participant.

Mom’s Secret Tool Box

Mom Secret Toolbox
Mom’s Secret Toolbox

This workshop is designed for us, moms – enhancing our toolbox by practical talking and demonstrating care for our kids when they are sick.

Starting with our own self-care and moving through nourishing ourselves and our families (physically, emotionally and mentally), touching simple herbal remedies
and, sure enough, demonstrating a castor oil pack on a brave volunteer.

As caregivers, we – moms, tend to care for everyone except ourselves. Without noticing, we slowly deplete our own resources and, in time, may not be able to give as much as we were used to.

Learning to take the time for self-care and accepting the simple understanding, that caring for ourselves means caring for our families, may be the most important step towards healing our families.

Along with that, each mom will get a small toolbox with some practical easy recipes, remedies & resources to use anytime for all members of the family.

$30 per participant.

Tea Party – Holistic Care with Herbs


Tea is one of our favorite family routines to start and end each day.  Many of us associate the word “tea” with a store-bought little bag thrown into a cup of hot water and consumed as a substitute for coffee.

As surprisingly as it may sound, tea is not about the bag. And surely not about substituting….

Known also as a water infusion, tea is made by infusing herbs in water for different purposes. Some of these purposes may be medicinal, but tea is not limited to that. Tea may be made for enhancing relaxation, improving sleeping, relieving coughs, aiding digestion, boosting immune system, reducing fevers and million of other reasons.

Inviting you to my tea party to try different types of herbal infusions – Mix / Match / Explore and mainly Enjoy!!!!

My “house specialty” tea recipe

$45 per person

Sunday 4/23/23 4-6 pm


Castor Oil Party & Guided Meditation

Castor Oil Party & Guided Meditation Night

When friends approach me asking some advice for their friends or family members, and I have no idea what’s happening in their friends’ lives, I suggest a castor oil pack….
But then I get this weird look and they say: “He/she will never do it”, so I tell them to do
it together and have a castor oil party. And it works!

Will you come to my castor oil party?
My castor party is very small – only 3 participants – you will be laying on massage tables with a castor pack on the abdomen while experiencing a guided forgiveness meditation and a short abdominal massage by the end to understand what is happening in your body. We will also talk about your livers and learn ways to show them kindness. All this will be accompanied by a detailed explanation of how and why to do the castor oil packs.

Herbal tea & light refreshments will be there too when everyone regains their will to rise off their comfortable massage tables….

Wear loose clothes. We have massage tables and covers for all participants. Limited space to 3 only.

Limited to 3 participants
$85 per participant

The Real Reason I love Castor Oil Packs

Sweet Twist Workshop

Sweet Twist Workshop
Sweet Twist Workshop

I love Cacao!!! Such a sweet bitter – packed with nutrients and so many possibilities for use!!
Inviting you to join me to this hands-on class, discovering how cacao treats can easily be made as a nutrient bomb.

We will talk about the ingredients we use and also about my secret ingredients – herbs!!! Get a glimpse on how to choose herbs to be added to the balls according to your own current needs or wishes (stress, anxiety, immune boosting and more).

Come, it will be fun! And we may even get the chance to talk about ways to reduce our cravings for sweets. Also, a complimentary herbal tea will be served (and yes, we may talk about it as well…….)

***Each participant will make their own cacao balls and take them home*****

$45 per participant.

What’s in Your Cart?

What's In Your Cart?
What’s In Your Cart? Shopping Tour

When you go shopping – Are you sure the products you put in your cart are the most nutritional for you and your family? Are you confused and don’t always know what to choose?

Inviting You To a Shopping Tour With Me!

Learn How To Evaluate Everything You Put In Your cart And How To Make The Best Decision For Your Family Needs.

Tour will be 1 hour long in a small group.

Whole foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Kroger or a store of your choice.

Contact us to register or if you have your own group – we will schedule a special tour for you.

$15 per participant.

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    1. Hi Lori. I do not have current dates scheduled yet. You can email me your email to add you to my mailing list, or like Traditionally Empowered Healing on Facebook to get notifications about my events.
      However, if you have a group of at least 4 people who would like to take the class (or any other class), we can set a date for you.

      Thanks for your inquiry !


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