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The Holistic Weight Loss Journey proved to be a weekly oasis of ‘me’ time that focused on how much stronger and calmer I can become through a variety of healthier choices.

S. 2016


I really enjoyed your gentle guidance and endless support. Small meaningful steps towards a better me. I was so stressed out and deeply depressed when we started this project. I was hoping to get my health and happiness under control. I know that that will be a lifelong balance. But I am happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel…will I ever reach the end of the tunnel…who knows and more importantly I am not concerned about reaching the end….I am simply overjoyed to see it exist.
While I haven’t “mastered” my leptin yet….I am working every day to master it…As you know , I have lost 20 pounds and hope to lose at least 20 more. I feel more like my old self and more in control . Another HUGE change for me was giving up soda. I tried for a few months before I was able to completely cut soda out. I was most proud of this change. I was able to do it. I had always reasoned that soda wasn’t drugs or alcohol  and even though I knew it was unhealthy it was ok right? I was finally able to conquer it. and tell myself it is destroying my health and although not as scandaless as drugs and alcohol it was just as destructive.

I feel so alive now (I do have set backs and have hard times) but compared to where I was …I am getting back to the me I know and love. I was desperately looking to escape far far away to heal…thankfully I was able to escape in your project and begin healing me.
Saying No to people and saying yes to me.

I love you! Thank you for you!

L. 2014


Imagine a woman who was feeling very disappointed in herself. Too tired, too heavy, and too disillusioned. All this on the heels of years of research and effort towards healthier lifestyle. I was struggling to recover from a knee surgery. I was struggling to curb continued weight gain. Finally, I was struggling with poor attitude toward everyday life and the prospects for my future.
On the physical side, I would be absolutely remiss not to mention some of the greatest gifts that this journey has bestowed upon me. I will never again go without castor oil packs and foot baths. I will continue to exercise and honor my body even if I don’t lose 10 lbs. per minute. However, for me, the greatest physical gift and the keys to the freedom was understanding the workings of my digestive tract. Also I now embrace the times when I am tired. I am not weak, sick or lazy. I just need a nap.
Finally, this journey would not be complete without my profound gratitude to you. I will never again look at a dandelion as a weed! I will always laugh out loud when I think of ice cold sheet. People will always wonder why I am putting cayenne pepper in my tea. All this I owe to you. I love your laughter, your empathy and your spirit. I will continue to practice your teachings and I hope that you will continue to share your knowledge with me. You are a gift that God placed directly in my path.

K.  2014


When I started with Anat’s group, I was suffering from food cravings, which plagued me emotionally and physically. I was reaching for carbohydrate-type foods to cope with life. The aftermath was digestive and sleep issues. I had tried different types of food plans and styles of eating – vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, high-carb/low fat, low carb/low fat. I was not able to maintain these styles for long.
About a month after Anat’s group started, I started to settle down and got into a rhythm of eating three meals per day and soon discovered what foods were calming for my body and mind. I found support in the group and started searching accountability groups online. Six months later I have stopped turning to food for comfort. My digestion and sleep issues have been resolved. I have peace in the way I eat.
Thank you so much, Anat. Your Group was truly a God-send!

S.  2014

Holistic Weight Loss Journey

Nourishing Face Food

Hi Anat I just wanted to say thank you for the lymph oil and the face and eye serum! I have been a long time subscriber to the “Meaningful Beauty” products which cost a lot. I completely quit using them and swear I have better results! Look forward to your class in September 😊

D. July 2017

Face Oil