Castor Oil Party & Guided Meditation

When friends approach me asking an advice for their friends or family members , and I have no idea what’s happening in their friends’ lives, I suggest a castor oil pack….
But then I get this weird look and they say: “He/she will never do it”, so I tell them to do
it together and have a castor oil party. And it works!

Will you come to my castor oil party? We will learn what a castor oil pack is,
what are its benefits, how to apply it and eventually try it through a guided meditation. A short abdominal massage will follow upon removal of the castor oil pack.
Herbal tea & light refreshments will be there too….

Wear loose clothes . We have massage tables and covers for all participants. Limited space to 3 only.

$75 per participant.


The Real Reason I love Castor Oil Packs