Castor Oil Party & Guided Meditation

When friends approach me asking some advice for their friends or family members, and I have no idea what’s happening in their friends’ lives, I suggest a castor oil pack….
But then I get this weird look and they say: “He/she will never do it”, so I tell them to do
it together and have a castor oil party. And it works!

Will you come to my castor oil party?
My castor party is very small – only 3 participants – you will be laying on massage tables with a castor pack on the abdomen while experiencing a guided forgiveness meditation and a short abdominal massage by the end to understand what is happening in your body. We will also talk about your livers and learn ways to show them kindness. All this will be accompanied by a detailed explanation of how and why to do the castor oil packs.

Herbal tea & light refreshments will be there too when everyone regains their will to rise off their comfortable massage tables….

Wear loose clothes. We have massage tables and covers for all participants. Limited space to 3 only.

Limited to 3 participants
$85 per participant

The Real Reason I love Castor Oil Packs