Special Condition Session

Special Condition Session (2 hours): $300

This 2-hour session is highly individualized and detailed. The session targets a specific condition, while bringing the body to a very deep relaxed state. This session is a combination of the following (with many possible adjustments per patient’s condition):
  • Starting with castor oil pack applications on your back followed by massage to relax your nervous system.
  • Then, continue with Castor oil packs on all areas targeted in this session (abdomen, lymph nodes through the body, knees, chest…)
  • Then, Reflexology focused on the issues concerned in the session.
  • Use of Herbal salves and oils applications specific to the need (some sessions may use poultices as well…)
  • And then, energy work and body work upon removal of the castor oil packs.
Patients who benefited from this session suffered from many different conditions as: Pain (changing the perception of pain), Soft tissue Injuries, Frozen shoulders, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid (this is a whole-body approach combined with local approach), Depression (focusing on chronic pain and relieving tender points or trigger points, along with liver attention), Asthma, Skin issues, Pain (chronic or acute) and others.