Initial Naturopathic Session

Initial Naturopathic Session (1½ hours): $180

This is a one-time mandatory session composed of two parts:

First part is designed to learn about you – your lifestyle/your challenges/your needs. All with non-invasive assessments, as intake forms & iridology and reflexology, which are the study of areas in feet and eyes that correlate to organs and tissues inside the body.

We will talk about what you can do to help yourself including , but not limited to: Nourishment,  Sleep , Movement,  Herbs…

Second part includes a unique session (Trad Em®) combined of castor oil pack, reflexology, abdominal massage and energy work, which is designed to bring the nervous system to a very deep state of relaxation.

Following Anat’s belief, that when body is deeply relaxed it can start healing itself, this session has shown great benefit with Digestive issuesAnxiety, PainReproductive issuesChronic diseases and more.