Constructions on Franklin rd


I want to bring to your attention the constructions on Franklin rd – building side walks, which are expected to take 4 months or more. This may cause some inconvenience arriving to our office.

FOR NOW, you CAN arrive to our office driving from 14 Mile rd, but you CANNOT drive straight to our office entering Franklin rd from 13 Mile rd.
(((This is expected to change as work progresses. I will keep you posted…)))

Please plan accordingly, re-routing via Telegraph rd (24) (The best option!!) or driving through the village to Vinecennes Ave, which then you cross Franklin rd straight to our office.

This is a sketched map to give you an idea (GPS does not show yet that Franklin rd is blocked), and also look for The new “fancy” signs to enter the parking lot.



Thank you so much for your understanding and support.
Looking forward to see you all!